We are proud to support a wide range of industries.



We’ve established long time relationships with some of the greatest telecommunications companies across the country. From construction services to ongoing maintenance, our telecommunications partners have trusted the team at Elite to get the job done.


Power & Utilities

We have performed full turn-key construction and decommission of telecommunication sites, complete digital microwave upgrades, microwave troubleshooting and maintenance as well as inspections.


Commercial Construction

We are committed to working with our clients to define and deliver the type of building structures they desire. Our team’s vast knowledge and construction experience give our clients a product that meets their needs and that they are proud of for years to come.


Government-Local, State, Federal

Our teams can work at any level of government needs, and especially layouts for Rural Expansion.


Enterprise Commercial

Our fastest growth area and a true strength for Elite. We work with LTE networks within large offices, datacenters, DAS systems to develop solutions that meet their needs.